“Digital marketing careers…could also be the key to having a life outside of work.” Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash

Being a single mom isn’t easy. You constantly have a million things to do. You have many hats to wear as a mother. You’re a friend, employee, provider, teacher, mentor, and family member. It’s hard to balance between work life and giving your children the attention they deserve. You want to give your children meaningful experiences and create a beautiful life for them. But, you have a hard time being there because you are working to provide for them. It’s hard for you to find a career that gives you balance.

Digital marketing is the perfect field that will allow you to reach the goals you have for your family and personal life. So, what exactly is digital marketing? Investopedia defines digital marketing as “the use of the Internet to reach consumers. Digital marketing is a broad field, including attracting customers via email, content marketing, search platforms, social media, and more.” The world of digital marketing has seen a rapid amount of growth. In today’s world of mass media and communications, there is a high demand for digital marketers. Here’s three reasons to consider digital marketing for your single mom job:

  1. Salary

One of the most important elements of a job as a single mom is salary. You need something that will support you and your family. The current average salary for digital marketing jobs in the United States is $96k per year. That’s over $45 an hour. Even if you don’t have any experience in digital marketing, the starting salary is $40k per year. The best part? The salary for digital marketing careers is only expected to increase. In Digital Marketing Institute’s article, we see “a recent survey by The Creative Group projects a substantial increase for marketing professionals. For example, the median salary for a CMO in a corporate setting in the U.S. is expected to be $164,000.” And salary will only increase with more experience. So, a digital marketing career will provide a substantial salary for your family.

  1. Many Career Options

The world of digital marketing is seeing a rapid amount of growth in today’s world of mass media and communications. Countless media channels and new forms of communication are being discovered. From working in Social Media Management, to Content Creation, or Marketing Analytics, there is a wide variety to choose from. If you’re a creative personality, there’s opportunities to let your artistic visions flow on social media, in copywriting, blogging, and more. If you like the more tech savvy side of things, you can flourish in Google Analytics and SEO. The possibilities are endless with digital marketing. You won’t have to look too far for a job that fits you.

  1. Work Life Balance

Finally, work life balance is one of the most desired attributes in a job. In today’s chaotic and competitive world, it can feel impossible to find a job that doesn’t take up all of your time. In Forbes article we see “On Glassdoor’s recent list of the best jobs for work-life balance, marketing positions occupied six of 25 slots. Digital marketing careers are not only in-demand; they could also be the key to having a life outside of work.” With plenty of different career options, digital marketing jobs tend to have more flexible work schedules than others. Many roles allow you to work from home or go into the office when you prefer. So, a career in digital marketing will give you opportunities to be there for your kids when you need to be.

The field of digital marketing continues to grow and expand. With digital marketing jobs offering a great salary, multiple career options, and a great work life balance, you can’t go wrong. There’s plenty of opportunities, wherever you are, to be a part of this field. To explore the world of digital marketing, go to this link: https://dmstudents.com/ydigital/.


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