With technology advancing at the speed of light, digital marketing is becoming increasingly important and practical. Not only is digital marketing being used by all age groups, but it is also taking over traditional methods of advertising, such as television or billboard advertisements. Due to everyone being online, brands have redirected their advertising efforts towards digital marketing. So, there has been an increase in budget allocation towards online advertising, leading to a surge in the need for digital marketing managers. However, this role requires individuals to have specific attributes that enable the team to succeed. Read on to learn more about the role, skillset, and salary of a Digital Marketing Manager!


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What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?

Digital Marketing Managers are in charge of creating the strategy of the campaign. This role is essential as the strategy statement controls the messaging of the advertising campaign. Therefore, managers conduct hours of research, both qualitative and quantitative information to understand their target audience. Alongside consumer research, Digital Marketing Managers are also interested in the market. By understanding their competitors in the market, businesses may learn how to position themselves. Through conducting market research, companies may learn to differentiate their new product.

On top of formulating the strategy, Digital Marketing Managers must work with creative employees. With the manager involved, the team can ensure that the creative ideas align with the strategy statement. As creative minds are often very visionary, it may be difficult for them to stay on track with the campaign strategy. Therefore, the manager ensures that the team is aligned with company objectives and can assist with developing creative ideas.

Alongside communicating with employees within the business, Digital Marketing Managers are also the main contact for clients. Hence, a lot of emails, phone, and in-person communication are required of managers so that their clients can discuss their needs for their campaigns. Subsequently, managers will internalize this data and report it back to the internal team. So, managers have a responsibility in ensuring that they grasp the client’s information correctly to internalize the information to their team.

What skills do you need as a Digital Marketing Manager?

  1. Communication Skills

Through clear communication, both internal and external teams will understand the project timeline and expected outcomes. Therefore, Digital Marketing Managers have a strong responsibility to deliver messages clearly and effectively. Consequently, the team will have a precise understanding of their assignment and deadlines, while the client will be satisfied with the services and the outcome.

  1. Understands Business and Marketing Strategy

The ability to analyze data and draw insights is a vital skill. As managers need to make sense of large amounts of data regarding consumer behavior. Being able to comprehend and create campaign strategies through uncovering insights will be essential in a Digital Marketing Manager’s role. A few tools including Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads Managers will be greatly beneficial in analyzing data and drawing insights about a specific target audience or market.

  1. Organization Skills

Due to managers having to arrange information between two parties, the manager must learn to keep track of all the assignments and tasks. Through being organized and creating to-do lists, managers will be able to complete all the required tasks. If a manager is unorganized and forgets the client’s asks, the team will fall apart and produce work that does not meet the client’s expectations.

  1. Knowledge of Advanced Social Media

As the role of a Digital Marketing Manager consists of creating advertisements on online platforms, understanding different social media platforms will be essential. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and TikTok are a few of the social media platforms that are trending. Through understanding the role and use of social media, managers will be able to easily access primary research data from consumers, as well as comprehend how to best utilize these social media platforms to target their audience. For example, if a brand targets individuals aged 40+ years old, using Facebook ads would be the best platform to target these individuals.

  1. Technical Writing Skills

The need to be concise and write content is vital in digital marketing. Due to newer generations having a constant decrease in attention span, capturing an audience’s attention is crucial for online marketing. Consequently, marketers must grasp the audience’s attention by connecting with their target audience using relevant messages. Due to having to make engaging content, content creation is an essential skill for managers. This is because managers need to provide creative ways to present their information. Whether managers are presenting information to creative employees or online social media platforms, Digital Marketing Managers need to understand how to create professional messaging campaigns that are enticing.

What is the Salary for Digital Marketing Managers?

According to salary.com, as Digital Marketing Managers have a large responsibility in the company, they typically average $161,879 a year. In the United States, the average salary for a Digital. Marketing Manager ranges from $92,637 and $127,753 per year. Nonetheless, the salary depends on location, experience, educational level, and other circumstances. Talk to your recruiter to work out a salary that is appropriate for your level of experience and education!

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