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I don’t know about you, but when I started seriously researching career paths, I had a pretty uninspiring approach. “Highest paying jobs” was something I typed into Google more than one time. “Best career” would also make the top 5 of my search lists. I had no idea what I was looking for.

What I quickly learned is that the best and highest paying jobs all sounded like torture. Sure, someone out there would do them. But not this guy! I realized that having a happy career actually depends a lot on what kind of a person you are. You are naturally talented at specific things, and leaning into those strengths can bring a lot of satisfaction.

With that in mind, I hope you’ll consider the following careers in digital marketing – not because they’re the “best jobs in the world” but because they might just be the “best jobs for you.” There’s a job in digital for every personality and for every talent.

But First, What is Digital Marketing?

You may be wondering what digital marketing even is. Sorry to keep you waiting! Digital marketing is the discipline of promoting, persuading and selling to customers on the internet. There are marketers touching every aspect of the internet you interact with, hoping to get you onto their website and buying their product.

But not all digital marketing is so corporate. Nonprofits and political leaders need digital marketers on their side too. Digital marketers can mobilize communities and champion important solutions. Long story short: no matter what job you choose, you can end up in any industry you want working for the cause you care about most.

Give Your Personality, Get a Job

I know this list is the real reason you clicked on this article, so I won’t hold you back any longer. Before you start reading, try asking yourself this question: does my greatest strength lie in the realm of creativity, technical ability or personality?

The Creative Person

Graphic Designer

Salary Range: 34-69K

Do you have a good eye and grasp of basic design programs? Graphic designers work with all players in the world of digital marketing to produce vital visual assets. Your work will be lovingly shared across the internet – and featured everywhere from social media posts to web front pages.

Content Marketing

Salary Range: 23-59K

If you channel your creativity through words and strategy, content marketing is a great path to take. As a content marketer you’ll plan, write and publish content for brands to pique the interest and meet the needs of internet users everywhere. Content marketers need to be able to think big and take care of the small details too.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Salary Range: 49-70K

Creativity comes in all forms. If you’re someone who loves to think up new ways of pulling people deeper into a website, a career in conversion rate optimization might just be for you. People focused on optimizing webpage conversion rates spend their time brainstorming aspects of a site to change, and then set up A/B tests to see their effectiveness.

The Techie

Search Engine Optimization

Salary Range: 44-126K

You don’t have to love code to work in SEO, but those who dive deep into the discipline will have to pick up on the intricacies of search engine algorithms and website mechanics. SEOs use a variety of tools to identify what people are searching for in Google, and then create content on their website that can rank high up on the search results pages.

Google Analytics Specialist

Salary Range: 61-78K

Every industry needs people that can break down large amounts of data, and digital marketing is no different. A Google Analytics specialist works closely with the whole team to understand how successful their campaigns are, and what areas may potentially be underperforming. They gather incredibly valuable and unique insights.

Pay Per Click

Salary Range: 34-71K

PPC experts take an ad budget and buy attention across many channels of the internet. They have to constantly be looking at the data to aid them in their choices. Although not quite as technically minded as the previous two jobs tend to be, the most successful PPCs are focused on maximizing every dollar by crunching the numbers constantly.

The People Person

Social Media Manager

Salary Range: 37-80K

As far as interacting with actual customers goes, it doesn’t get much closer than this. Social media managers plan and create daily content for any number of social media accounts. They work with influencers, engage in actual conversations with fans and build thriving communities around the brand they represent.

Blog Writer

Salary Range: 46-60K

The secret to blog writing in today’s internet is being personable and writing simply. Conversationalists can be naturally talented web writers. If you’re the kind of person that can hold a whole room’s attention, you might want to try your storytelling skills out on the internet too. Blog writers are constantly weaving together compelling stories to match the business interests of their employer.

User Experience Design

Salary Range: 56-98K

Someone interested in user experience design (UX) may not be the kind of person to become fast friends with a stranger, but they do have to have a deep fascination with the way people think. UX specialists study the way people interact with computers and come up with better ways to design online experiences to meet their needs.

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Your Job Search Elevated

Whether or not you’ve found your future career in the list above, I hope you’ve at least come to look at searching for jobs in a novel way. Don’t be drawn in by what other people expect you to be passionate about. Find out who you are, and find a job that will match your personality. Not the other way around.

If you’d like to dive deeper into the world of digital marketing, check out opportunities for greater learning here. Brigham Young University offers classes on the necessary skills to get a job in the industry, and even runs their very own digital communications agency, Y Digital, open to interested students.

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