You’ve finally found your dream career and the next step is applying for jobs but almost every job listing requires a cover letter in addition to a resume. How do you write a digital marketing cover letter that will really blow the socks off of recruiters and land you that dream job? 

Why Is It Important to Have a Great Cover Letter?

Many people question why it’s important to have a cover letter. You’ve already got a stellar resume (click here for how to create a great digital marketing resume), so why do you need a cover letter too? Cover letters are how recruiters can get more of a personal feel for you. Resumes are full of lists and numbers but a cover letter is how they can really get a sense of who you are as a person. It’s important to have a good cover letter so you can showcase who you are as a person to recruiters and provide a clear, engaging summary of why you would make a good fit for the position you are applying for.

Sample Digital Marketing Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Smith,

As a communications major, I am interested in helping Y Digital Agency drive more traffic to client’s websites in the digital marketing specialist position. Dr. John Doe at Brigham Young University recommended that I apply. Based on the qualifications you have listed and my previous experience, I feel I could provide great value to your team specifically working with SEO and content marketing.

This last fall I honed my SEO and content marketing skills while interning with Big Moon Digital Marketing Agency. I did keyword research to create strategic blog posts as part of a content marketing campaign. During my time there, traffic increased by 200% to client websites which led to an increase in sales by 40%. I wrote content that was engaging and fun as well as strategic. I feel confident that I can capture the brand voice of Y Digital’s clients and create content that resonates with customers. I am a fast learner and am excited to continue to learn new skills in this fascinating industry.

Thank you for your consideration and time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by phone or email. I hope to be selected for an interview for this position so I can continue to share my excitement for this position and passion for this field.



Jane Doe


How Do You Write a Digital Marketing Cover Letter?

Now you might be saying, “well that all sounds nice, but there’s no way I can write that kind of a cover letter with my experience!” That’s not true! Anyone can write a cover letter using the clear, concise tips we’ve listed below. A good cover letter should include three paragraphs:

1)    Tailor it to the company

2)    Tell your story

3)    Close with a call to action

First Paragraph: Tailor It to the Company

The first paragraph of your cover letter needs to be tailored to the organization and position you are applying for. Recruiters are busy going through tons of job applications. They don’t want to see a cookie-cutter letter you’ve submitted to 20 other job applications. They want to see how you can specifically help them fulfill their goals and meet the needs in their job listing. Take the time to find out who you are addressing and include a name. The very first line should state your major, the name of the organization, and the name of the position. Before you start writing, read through the job application and familiarize yourself with what they are looking for. Then, specifically tell them how you can help accomplish their goals.


Second Paragraph: Tell Your Story

The second paragraph is all about letting yourself shine! You need to tell your personal story in a compelling way. Do this by demonstrating how your previous experience can help the organization you are applying to work for. This should be more than a list of resume qualifications. It should really explain how you personally have helped other organizations you have worked with. Tell the story using a beginning, middle, and end and using cause and effect language. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine! The most important thing to do here is to create parallels between your previous experience and what the organization is looking for. Showcase how the lessons you’ve previously learned can be applied to what you will be required to do.

Third Paragraph: Close it Up with a Call to Action

The best cover letters need to conclude with a call to action. Thank the recruiter for their time, restate your enthusiasm for the position, and then don’t be afraid to request an interview. Say something like, “I would love to schedule an interview to further discuss this position.” Show them that you are the right person for this position and ready to take the next step forward.


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