What to do With a Digital Marketing Career

The world of digital marketing is vast and offers so much. Digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling for brands with a variety of tactics and strategies to get consumers to purchase and use their product or service. Digital marketing is essentially marketing just using digital platforms such as social media, email, and online search engines.Digital marketing is rapidly increasing due to the rise and advancement of technology. People use the internet and other online tools more and more every single day and the percent of people doing so is only going up. This blog will dive in deeper into the types of jobs digital marketing has to offer, along with the benefits of digital marketing, skills and experience needed in the industry, and lastly, how to go about starting a job in digital marketing.


Types of Jobs

There are so many jobs and roles in the digital marketing world. So, let’s start from the beginning: entry-level jobs. Many entry-level marketing jobs train on the job and require very little, if any, marketing experience. The main thing about these types of jobs is to get trained, learn the ins and outs of the industry, and build up a resume while making somemoney. There are also many marketing internships out there for young adults and college students. Let’s break down the types of jobs there are.


Content Marketing

Content is king. That’s what they always say. Content marketing is in charge of and focused on providing the highest quality content possible. A content marketing specialist for example, is in charge of making sure the content is on strategy, consistent, and error free. They do research to make sure they are hitting the target market. They also write the copy of the content such as digital and print ads.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is pretty much exactly what you think it is. It’s using social media to market, promote, and sell products and services. Over the past couple of years, social media has completely taken over the internet and there are no signs of slowing down, only growing. Businesses are using social media more to connect with their audience and to be more engaging with the content they share. Brands are using social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok. Business’ have found much success in social media marketing to build a loyal following and promote their products or services. Jobs in social media marketing include social media manager, someone who is in charge of the overall content on all social platforms. They create the brands voice and tone, monitor direct messages, keep track of analytics, and work with the social team to produce quality content that is on strategy.


Product Marketing

Product marketers focus their efforts on new products and new product features. It is important that the customers know what they are purchasing and using so the product marketer also focuses on creating a good relationship with loyal customers as well as new and potential customers. A Product Marketing Specialist is someone who conducts research on the competition which involves analyzing their strategies, products, and sales. They dive into their target market and try to learn everything about them so they can provide them the best product and/or service on the market.



SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is all about getting the most out of your website and building a following, increasing traffic and raising awareness. SEO makes it possible to discover new products, new brands, and new services. SEO is very cost efficient and builds organic results. An SEO manager is someone who makes sure the best SEO practices and strategies are being used. They work on making sure the website has a good design and architecture. On top of that, they look at reports and collect data and statistics to analyze insights and trends to see how to improve and grow.


Skills Needed in Digital Marketing


First and foremost, one of the biggest skills you will need in a digital marketing career is writing. Writing is essential to everything you will get into. Whether that’s writing a blog post, a caption for a social media post, a creative brief, or writing a research paper, there are so many instances that will require you to be a good writer.

Creative Thinking

The ability to think outside the box. Being a creative thinker is key to any marketing job you seek for. If you are able to think differently than the competition and think of new and creative ideas, then you will be ahead of everyone else.

Tech Savvy

Since this is working in the digital world, being tech-savvy is also a skill required for a career in digital marketing. One must be able to use, know, and learn new technology and the software on those devices to be able to hang in there and be successful. The world is becoming more and more technology driven so stay on top of the latest devices and being able to use them. Younger generations and adults have a slight advantage since they are digital natives, being born in the era of technology and not knowing a world with anything else but technology.

Understanding Trends

The ability to read and understand digital trends and data. This skill is crucial and will help you stand out from the rest. It will be so helpful if you have the ability to read and pick up on digital data and insights so that you can prepare and plan for the future to be successful.


Benefits to a Digital Marketing Career

There are many reasons why digital marketing is beneficial, but the first is that it is cost efficient. Digital marketing compared to other types of marketing save you money while also tracking a lot of attention and traffic, since everyone is online. Digital marketing levels the playing field. Any business and brand can have a Facebook or Instagram feed for example. They can all have a website which promotes their products and they can send out emails. They can do all of this stuff essentially for free or for a low price compared to traditional media and advertising.

Unlike a billboard on the highway, digital marketing is measurable and can see results instantly. Now, every platform has analytics in some shape or form. Marketing teams can track total engagement, shares, impressions, clicks, likes, comments, and more. This allows teams to track their progress and make any changes necessary.

Lastly, digital marketing will always be in demand. Job security is high, and brands are always looking to improve their online presence.


How to Start a Job in Digital Marketing

There are a couple steps to help you find a job in digital marketing. The first thing to do is familiarize yourself with the lingo and the trends. Staying up to date with the latest digital trends will take you a long way as well. Having a degree in marketing is not required. Many people work in marketing without studying or graduating from a marketing program at a university. If you are interested in a job in digital marketing, familiarize yourself with Google analytics and get your certificate. Next would be to look into internships and gain valuable experience that way.  Offer to work on any projects or even to work for free to start your career. The more experience the better and the easier it will come to you.


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