Curious about the B2B marketing world? Want to know how to be a good digital marketer? If so, you have come to the right place.

To start…what is B2B marketing?

When the average person who does not work in marketing thinks of marketing strategies, they most likely think of B2C marketing. B2C marketing stands for business to consumer marketing. B2C marketing involves the strategies of companies who promote their products directly to customers.

This is far different from B2B marketing (aka business to business). B2B marketing focuses on buyers who are purchasing on behalf of a business. Instead of the individual being the customer like in B2C, the organization is the customer.

B2B customers focus on efficiency, logic, financial incentives, long-term solutions, long contracts, and long relationships.

The Buyer’s Journey

When you think of B2B marketing, you need to understand the buyer’s journey, which is the process buyers go through in deciding to purchase a product or service. The buyer’s journey is an essential framework and goes as follows:

The typical buyer’s journey involves (1) Awareness Stage, (2) Consideration, and then a (3) Decision – However, the B2B journey is more complex. The B2B buyer’s journey goes as follows:

  • Problem Identification – identify the problem
  • Solution Exploration – exploring options that solve the problem
  • Requirements building – figuring out exactly what the product needs to do
  • Supplier Selection – looking at suppliers to see if their products achieve what is found in the requirements building
  • Validation and Consensus Creations – making sure the product does what it says and getting everyone on board with it.

One essential item to know about B2B marketing is that it is not linear. Most buyers will loop through these stages multiple times throughout the buyer’s journey.

So how can someone be an effective digital marketer?

  • Keep your audience in mind – your marketing needs to demonstrate how your business will help another business. You can use google analytics, surveys, etc. to figure out strategies to target your audiences.
  • Use buyer personas –a semi-fictional potential customer based on your research. Creating personas helps narrow your focus and create useful tactics. For example, a software company involved in sports analytics would focus a persona on statisticians working for a sports team, coaches, etc.
  • Use digital advertising. Social media and paid searches are vital for successful B2B marketing. As technology continues to advance, making use of platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn creates awareness of your product among potential clients.
  • Content creation – Content marketing has been deemed the second most effective B2B strategy and 43% of B2Bs are changing budgets to cater to content creation. The most popular form of content marketing is video. A great way to use video is to use sites such as Instagram and Tik Tok which can create organic traffic.

So if you’re looking for a new career path as a digital marketer or learning how to implement B2B marketing in your company, use this information as a starting point and continue to research the endless possibilities found in the B2B digital marketing world. Several helpful resources regarding digital marketing careers can be found here!

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