So, you want to be an influencer? Public figure? Service provider? You came to the right place. The good news is there is room for anyone to be anyone within the social media sphere. Being in the digital age, you have the freedom to create a self-legacy and influence from just your phone. The option is available to everyone and is accessible right in the palm of your hand.

You’ve made the first step, deciding you want to make a personal brand. Know you need to know just how to do it. So, here are 5 steps, simple and doable, to building a personal brand that lasts.

#1 Identify your “why”

This step is arguably the most important step when beginning your personal brand journey. Consider the reasons you want to start. What are your motivations for sharing? Having pure motivations are key to developing a genuine brand that engages people organically.

Think in depth about the value you are seeking to provide for your followers. How will you impact their life in a positive way? People become loyal followers when you actively are adding value, whether that’s entertainment, life hacks, inspiration, fashion tips, etc. Keep in mind that people consume various types of media, each for various reasons. However, you will eventually attract the right audience as you identify your why and consistently share that value with your followers.

Another important factor to consider when identifying your “why”, is to also identify what niche or genre your personal brand targets. What are the topics that you personally can address or speak to? We call this, the 3 pillars, meaning 3 main topics you focus on.  Identifying these 3 pillars of your niche which will help you later when planning and creating content. You can rotate through these various pillars in order to create consistency in your postings and generate content that is relevant to your why. For example, say you are a Nutritionist, your 3 pillars could include: nutrition, exercise, and mental health. These categories can help you plan and rotate content between the three.

#2 Post consistently

Now that you’ve identified your why and 3 pillars of focus, you can get to sharing your content. As mentioned above, your 3 pillars will help make this step easier. Continual posting will help create a consistent dialogue between you and your followers that will keep them engaged and eventually converted to your brand. If you’re running your page by yourself, it can get tough keeping up with consistent posting. One way to alleviate this is to utilize content calendar programs such as Hootsuite and UNUM. These app allow you to schedule out content weeks in advance across multiple platforms. You will be able to connect accounts through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Whatever your medium, you can plan ahead! All you need to do is combine your photo or graphic with a caption and the program will push the content out to the platform you scheduled it to. 

An important part of posting is being aware of the times your followers are active on the platform and are most likely to see your content. These insights can easily be found through Instagram Business tools and apps like Whentopost. These tools show you the days of the week your followers are most active as well as the best times on those days to post. Keep these in mind when scheduling your content for best results.

In addition to noting the best days and times to post, the frequency of your posting should be considered. Your niche and followers can help you know how frequently you should be posting. When you first start, you may consider posting 2-3 times a week to see how your audience responds. That being said, it’s important to have some sort of content or interaction with your followers every single day whether through stories or actual feed posts.

#3 Find your niche circle

With your why determined and your content being posted regularly, it’s time to network! Developing a circle of people within your same niche can be very helpful to creating a sustainable brand. Identify who these other accounts are who talk about similar topics, have similar target audiences, etc. By creating a network of people within your same field you can generate connections that will help your brand grow. These connections are a great way to engage in others content, and they engage with yours in return. They can also help inspire you in new ways to reach your audience, with your own personal twist.

#4 Convert and Repurpose Content

Building a personal brand is hard work and can make you feel burnt out if you don’t pace yourself. The key is to work smarter, not harder, through repurposing your content. This means taking a piece of content and adapting it to fit within a new platform or element to your page. Examples of this are, taking the caption for a post and using it as talking points in a story series; reposting a video you made on TikTok to your Instagram feed, use text from a blog post as captions for individual post, and more. As you learn to repurpose your content, you will find more energy to continue growing and producing more content. You won’t have to work as hard to come up with totally new content every day.

When seeking to make your content last longer, you might consider content batching as a method for sustaining your time and energy. Batching means to select one or two days a week to do all your content creating. One the day you choose, you will take or gather all the photos and graphics you need for the upcoming week or more. *Note: batching only helps if you have an overall content plan of what posts are coming next. In addition to gathering all the visuals you’ll need, typing out captions for each post is extremely helpful. You might find your captions are increasingly better and more thought out than if you had to make them right before posting the photo. Working ahead can save you tons of stress and overall ensure you have a time buffer if something goes wrong.

Work smarter, not harder.

#5 Create Dialog Among Your Audience

Perhaps the most important part of building a strong personal brand, is the base of followers you convert. This conversion to your story and message only occurs if you are able to create meaningful dialogue within your space. This kind of conversation will connect people to you and help them feel the value you are adding to their lives and feed. Some potential ways to do this are listed below.

  • Create story polls asking your followers questions of “this or that” relative to your 3 pillars. This is a fun way to create interaction with your followers in an easy, not in your face way. An example of this is, showing patterns for a new product you’re launching and asking your followers which patterns they like the best. This keeps people engaged in what’s happening for your brand and helps them know what to expect moving forward.
  • Ask for feedback from your followers about why they follow your page and what they want to see more of on your feed. This helps give insight into the mind of your followers and the value they perceive you give them. Adjust your messaging if necessary.
  • Pose a question or ask for a personal experience in your caption. This is a simple way to encourage your followers to comment on your post and learn from other followers. Examples of this could be, asking people to share their worst first date stories, the best advice they ever received, what they are grateful for that day, etc. There are so many avenues you could go with this, just keep in mind your audience and always stay aligned with your 3 pillars to ensure messaging is relevant.
  • Start a #hashtag or campaign. Encouraging your followers to join in on a challenge or campaign is a great way to involve them in the happenings of your brand. It encourages them to make their own content relative to the content you shared, therefore creating dialogue and interaction.

The road to building a personal brand that lasts is no doubt a rocky one. It can be challenging to keep up with the workload that building a brand requires. However, if you follow these 5 simple steps to building a personal band that lasts, you will find the load lighter and road smoother. Best of luck on your journey!


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