Yesterday I was scrolling aimlessly through Facebook and this status update popped up on my feed:

Facebook Post

Of course, I chuckled quietly to myself, but I found myself asking a question: How tragically true is this? How often do I find myself missing yet another lecture, missing yet another work deadline, missing yet another appointment I promised myself I would go to?

Each of these situations stem from one common root: Procrastination.

Instead of contemplating these questions, or better yet-finding a solution to these problems-I continued onward to visit the next social media platform known for helping me waste time: Twitter. I could hardly believe my eyes when this next meme was mentioned in my friend’s status:

Four horsemen of procrastination

(Side note, this meme reminds me of the Lord of the Rings scene when Frodo is on horseback with Arwen the fairy, running away from the Nazgul. Sometimes I feel as though I would much rather take nine Nazgul than face these four horsemen in order to get over my procrastination habits.)I would not consider myself a “pro” procrastinator. However, how fitting was it that I had ridden all four saddles of those horses THAT VERY DAY? I had chomped all through work, run through my usual Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook checks, wiped down my *clean/crumble-free* apartment table and ended with a two-hour nap.

The internet said it best: “Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.”

Well, guess what? Nobody likes receiving bills. Not the young professional, the starving student or Nazgul.


However, here is a list of FREE phone apps that will help you “pro” procrastinators (not something to brag about) combat these procrastin-urges:

*Keep in mind that most of these apps will allow you to subscribe or upgrade to a “Premium” feature if you pay their monthly or yearly fees*

  1. Mindly: Explore Your Inner Universe (iOS only)

This app uses circles, and sub-circles to help you color-code, ‘mindmap’ and organize all the thoughts, stress and clutter inside your head. You can create summaries of your ideas and plan projects.

Mindly app
        2. Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks (Android only)

Keeping track of everything is this app’s sole purpose. The most important activities of the day are color-coded with reminders, and daily/weekly graphs are available to see your productivity. This app won the 2019 Editor’s Choice by Google. Over 20 million people use this to organize and coordinate their projects.

Todoist app

  1. Flora: Focus Habit Tracker (iOS only)

For all you plant-loving procrastinators, this is the app for you. Flora tracks your phone usage, and the less you use your phone, the more your tree will grow. Use in study sessions, work meetings or any kind of get-together. The moment someone from the group uses their phone, the tree dies. Another cool feature is that you can use the Flora Real service to plant a real tree on Earth!

Flora app

  1. AppDetox: App Blocker for Digital Detox (Android only)

Set your own rules by controlling from which apps to “detox.” This digital detox reminds you to take a break from your phone and to remember what is important. If you do break one of your own rules, it is logged as a violation.

Appdetox app

  1. Productive: Habit Tracker (iOS only)

This app is all about routines. Routines lead to habits and good habits keep you productive! Features include habit management (create, complete or stop at any time), customization (icon, color, or naming the habit), statistics (analyze progression), notifications (annoying reminders), and a widget (for easier access).

Productive app

  1. Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks (iOS only)

Back in 2013, it was named the “App of the Year.” Wunderlist has shown up in Forbes, The New York Times, Lifehacker, The Guardian, Wired and Vanity Fair. Similar to Todoist, Wunderlist helps to get stuff done by helping you prioritize your list of things to do and organizing it with reminders to help you follow through.

Wunderlist app

  1. Freedom: Block Distracting Apps and Websites (Android and iOS)

Similar to AppDetox, this system prevents you from entering those time-wasting websites and apps. There is no limit to how many devices can connect to Freedom, so this should be downloaded over and over again to experience this true feeling of elation.

Freedom app

Don’t Relapse, Use a Real App!

Now that you have these free tools and resources all within your sights, pick one, download it and USE it! A lot of times we procrastinate because we feel overwhelmed and do not want to take any action to fix that feeling. However, this small and seemingly simple action could potentially help you out! Disorganization, frustration, and sulky moods are my typical consequences when I procrastinate.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Moreover, I would like to put my personal spin on it: “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you SHOULD do today.”

If none of these apps seem like they’re a fit for you, hate to break it to you, but procrastination might just run in your blood.

In which case, be sure to stop by and visit our website to learn other digital marketing skills you evidently don’t have time for!

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