If you are confused about dating in college, here are some not-so-typical tips for you.

Discover what you want

There are many choices that you need to make in order to prepare yourself for the dating culture in college. One way to help prepare yourself for the full swing of the college romance is to know what you want ahead of time. Whether it’s hooking up or trying to find that special someone to eventually settle down with, only you know what you want.  Don’t let others tell you what you are searching for in a college relationship. Test some waters and figure it out for yourself.

Say yes to dates

One of the worst things you can do while trying to date in college is getting in the way of yourself by saying no to dates. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule— maybe they make you uncomfortable, or you just really don’t like them— but you may be pleasantly surprised by saying yes to a date you may have normally turned down. Besides, one of the best aspects to dating is the crazy adventures you can go on. One night you might go to an arcade and find out you’re really good at games, or another night you might cook a meal and find your inner chef come to life. Dating helps you discover yourself and saying yes to dates helps you meet people and try new things that you wouldn’t have before.

Romcoms are for the movies

While romcoms have seemingly provided us with some of the world’s best dating tips, the grandeur and epicness of these movies are, well, fictional. Now, you can definitely meet the love of your life by bumping into them while on campus or by being put into a group project with them, but you need to realize that luxury dates are not realistic in college. If you think that “true love” is going to be found in the extravagant gestures your S.O. will do for you, you should probably go back and understand what those romcoms were trying to tell you in the first place— that love is found in unexpected ways. One of the best aspects of dating in college is the fact that any small gesture makes a difference. Everyone is short on time, so even coming up with a simple gesture shows that you are trying— which is what really matters.

College is not your last chance to find someone

Not everyone will be involved in a romantic relationship in college, and there’s nothing wrong with that. One reason why a lot of people stay in college for longer than necessary is that they are scared that once they graduate from college, their dating options will severely decrease. Once you realize that there are still dating prospects after college, the massive pressure of trying to navigate college— and still find time for dating— should be lifted. Just to be clear: you do not have to find love in college. Read that again. Good. Now that the pressure is off, you can spend time understanding what you want in a relationship.

Don’t let dating stand in the way of your dreams

Whatever you do, do not change yourself for someone else. The person who you will find the most happiness with will be with the person who loves you the way you are. Some people shortchange themselves in college and put off their career goals for a relationship that is going nowhere. While priorities might change due to life experiences and perspective, don’t ever let go of your dreams at the drop of a hat for some eyes that made your heart swoon. Confidence and ambition are extremely attractive, especially in college. So keep on having those high-achieving goals, and keep being attractive.

Friendships vs. relationships

One of the more interesting topics in college is the “friend-zone”. How can you tell if that good friend you have in class is, well, a friend? Do they want to date you? Do you want to date them? Friendships made in college last for a long time, relationships not so much. The tip is, make sure you are in a relationship with someone you think of as a friend— and more. By having that basis of friendship, your romance will have all the sparks of secret lovers with the inside jokes of close friends— and there is nothing better than that.

College life is difficult. While nobody can tell you exactly what type of college-dating you should pursue, you should be open to different types of dating styles that are out of your comfort zone. It’s like choosing a major— you never know when it’s the “right one” unless you give it a shot. Digital Marketing is an undergraduate degree that provides you with a lot of investable skills for future careers.

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