Top Halloween Costumes for College Students in 2020


Every Halloween, you have the same few costume options to choose from: a black cat, a cute deer, or a sexy *insert literally anything.* But finding the right ones can be stressful, especially since Halloween parties are probably some of the biggest parties in college and they go on for weeks. Whether you’re looking for couple costumes or riding solo, here are the top 9 halloween costumes from 2020 that can give you the inspiration you need to make your 2021 costume better than ever before:

  • Space Cowgirl

Space cowgirls is the best group costume you can do for Halloween. You will for sure stand out at the party and will shine (literally) anywhere you go wearing these costumes!


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  • Vampire

Vampire… but make it sexy! A lace corset top and cape will be the perfect mixture of hot and scary for your college halloween party. 

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  • Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey

Harley Quinn is a popular Halloween costume every year, and with the release of Birds of Prey in 2020, you’ll see that it is still as strong as ever in the costume game. 

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  • Black Widow 

Black Widow is an easy costume to either buy pre-made or assemble yourself with a black bodysuit paired with a tactical belt and a red wig. You can kick butt while looking your best. 

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  • Clown

This “It” inspired Halloween costume is the perfect mix of hot and scary and would be great for any college girl headed to a party.

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  • Carole Baskin and her tiger from Tiger King

Tiger King changed the quarantined world by uniting people together through controversy, memes and Netflix bingeing. What’s even better is that the show gave us the opportunity to dress as Carole Baskin, the show’s crazy big cat lady lead.

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  • Firefighter and Dalmatian 

You and your boo would be the cutest couple around with your creative costume duo as a firefighter and Dalmatian saving each party you go to. 

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  • Sandy and Danny from Grease

Whether you have a date or not, this Grease costume is so easy to put together and would still look so good solo! If you have a girl group instead of a guy date, you could also dress up as the Pink Ladies!

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  • Angel and Devil

A devil Halloween costume is a classic but the leather pants and fuzzy red jacket are the perfect way to spice it up for a college party. Then you can match a friend who can slip on a cute white dress and be the angel to your devil. 

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