Have you ever botched the question, “Why are you the best person for this job” in an interview? I know I have! It is easy to panic when your potential employer poses this question. You don’t want to sound overly pretentious and risk losing your chance at your dream job. On the other hand, you should never undermine your abilities by being too humble. The truth is, this question is easy to answer if you put some thought into your response beforehand. Here are three ways to totally nail the question, “Why are you the best person for this job?”

1– Respond with specific skills that match the job

What an employer is really wondering when they pose the question, “Why are you the best person for this job,” is if they can trust you. The interviewer is simply trying to discover if you match the job description. The very best way explain you are the right one for the job is to show that you have the skills to do the job right.

For example, if you land an interview for a job at a digital marketing agency, you will want to highlight specific skills such as keyword research, PPC ads, or SEO. Show your potential employer that you have the experience they are looking for.

Photo by: Christina @ wocintechchat.com –Woman confidently answers question in her job interview.

2– Share a story

The best way to stick out in an interview is to share stories. Stories stick in people’s minds and will help you be memorable to potential employers. If you are asked, “why are you the best person for this job,” you can respond with an experience that shows your success in the past. This proves to the interviewer that you have confidence and know what you are doing. Before any interview, prepare five stories that you could share about yourself. That way when opportunities arise, you are ready to show your experience in a memorable way.

3–Focus on you! Don’t speak negatively of others.

Even though the question, “why are you the best person for this job,” is basically asking, “why are you better than the other applicants,” no interviewer wants to hear you put others down. This will never reflect well on you. Instead, focus on the positive things about you! It is even okay to be gracious and acknowledge the skills of others applying. For example, the conversation could go like this:

Interviewer: “Kate, why are you the best person for this job.”

Kate: “I know there are many amazing applicants hoping to get this job, but I can speak to my strengths in this field! In my past job I…”

In this scenario, Kate was able to be both gracious and bold as she went on to highlight her specific skills.