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Let’s face it, our 9-5’s aren’t always peaches and cream. Some days we struggle to get out of our warm bed and would give anything to use our vacation days. Other days we really enjoy what we are doing and even get promoted based on the quality of our work. As a single working woman myself, I know I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum. From loving what I do to having what seems like the worst day ever, I know and relate to all my sisters out there who are also working women. Over the course of my job, I’ve gained a strong curiosity for what it must be like not only as a working woman, but also as a working woman who manages to be a rockstar mom. Through extensive research, I’ve gathered what I view as the ten best words of advice for working moms that I hope to take part in one day.


1. Organization Matters


That’s right, you heard me correctly. I feel that all moms (and dads for that matter) (and single people too) can all relate to feeling that there is simply not enough time in the day. That’s why organization truly does matter. When we organize our lives according to how we want to live, life gets easier. Lists are always my go-to way of organizing my day. On especially busy days, I plan out everything by the hour so nothing will slip my mind. Think of it as Gordon Ramsay’s grocery list. It’s precise, and if bought correctly, the ingredients will make something delicious at the end of the day.


2. Make It a Priority to Sleep (and Naps are Great Too!)


Force your kids to go to sleep! Tuck them in so tight that they can’t possibly move out of the part straight jacket part burrito of a blanket and then simply leave their rooms. Just kidding, but you get the point. Sleep is an integral part of the human body system, and we thrive better when we get a full night’s rest. Make getting 7-9 hours of rest a priority. No one likes the tension in the room when Mom is cranky – it just makes everyone else equally as cranky. By focusing on getting a good night’s rest, our energy is recharged and ready to tackle the day ahead of us.


3. Be Creative with Your Super Mom Multitasking Abilities


Some of the most influential ladies in my life have super powers. Their ability to multitask is unreal. They’ve inspired me to listen to my homework readings while working out, and study while on my bus ride to school. These working moms do that, and so much more when it comes to their multitasking capabilities. Brainstorm your work in the shower, listen to podcasts that inspire you on the way to work, and catch up on work emails while you get your steps in on the treadmill. Multitasking can be done, and when used wisely, it can make all the difference.


4. Leave Work at Work


Easier said than done, I know. Regardless, when we leave our work at work, we have precious time that we can spend with our loved ones. Moms can relax on the couch while dinner is in the oven, and dads can too. In our day and age, it is even more challenging to focus on family when work is just an email away. However, the importance of winding down and enjoying life is all part of the fun. Spend those after-work hours with your kids! Work will be there at 9:00am the following day. We can always cram and make it happen, but we can’t always make memories with our loved ones when our mind is elsewhere.


5. Get That Sweat In!


The advice that everyone hears but no one wants to hear. But truly, when we exercise, we get those happy endorphins to run through our veins. Our energy levels rise, resulting in a happier overall state of mind and body. For me, working out is my therapy. It’s my time to not think about the worries that life throws at me. When we organize our time, it’s important to pencil in times where we can exercise. Even if it’s a 25-minute HITT workout, getting that sweat in will pay off, both physically and mentally.


6. Make Time for Yourself


It’s okay to be selfish with your time every once in a while. Once the kids are asleep, light some candles. Read a book by the fire. Watch that episode that you’ve been wanting to see. Take a hot bath. Meditate. Shamelessly scroll on social media. Treat yourself! Moms are the some of the most selfless and caring individuals, and sometimes they need to be reminded that they are allowed to unwind and check in with themselves.


7. Celebrate the Weekend!


Who doesn’t love weekends? Especially for working moms, this is your chance to truly lose some of that tension in your upper back and focus on loving on your kids. Go to the park! Have a game night! Invite friends and family over! Take a nap! Enjoy those couple of days and make memories that your kids will share with their kids one day.


8. Don’t Forget to Delegate


At work and at home, delegating can be a game changer. Don’t want to switch the laundry? That’s what the kids are for! Want some extra help in the kitchen? Let your kids be a part of making meals. Delegation goes a long way. Whether it is working with your coworkers to split the work evenly and efficiently or working with your kids, delegation saves time and energy in the long run.


9. Prioritize


As a working mom, it is key to prioritize what needs to be accomplished throughout your day. Priorities force us to check off things on our list (refer to tip 1) and make sure the most important items are accomplished. When we prioritize, we realize that it’s okay if we ran out of time in our day to do this or that. We can celebrate our daily accomplishments and can move tasks that were at the bottom of our list to the top of our list the next day.


10. Remember Your “Why”


We’ve all been there before, when one minute we’re driving to work and the next minute were at work and have no idea how we got there. It’s easy to get lost in the motions of life and forget why we are working in the first place. Remind yourself why you do what you do. Remember the feelings you feel at your highest. Remember that you are inspiring other working mothers to tackle what life throws at them. Remember who you do it all for.


If you’d like more words of advice or tips and tricks of how to be an amazing working mom, feel free to follow this link for more information.



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