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Searching for entry-level jobs while in college is a hard task—and it gets even trickier if you’re an introvert. You need the cash, but all the part-time jobs you know of sound emotionally and mentally taxing. You need a job that meets your introverted needs. So, if you’re looking for a job that fits your personality, enjoy this list of unique entry-level jobs for introverts in college.

Who Are Introverts?

There are so many misconceptions about what it means to be an introvert. Some think it means to be shy. Others think introverts just don’t like people. However, the best way to describe introverts are as people who reenergize through minimal social interaction. They enjoy quiet environments and spend a lot of time with their internal thoughts.

Because a person’s personality is intrinsically connected with their mental health, it is imperative for introverts to find jobs that promote their mental well-being. This list of 9 jobs for introverts is here to help you find work that meets your unique needs as an introverted college student.


Library Assistant

No place resonates with introverts quite like a library—so why not work at one? College students can get an entry level job as a library assistant. Common tasks include cataloging material, shelving books, and checking in and out items for patrons. Some library assistants are lucky enough to work in a library’s special collection, where they handle the facility’s oldest and rarest items. For those looking to work in a quiet and peaceful working environment, a position as a library assistant is a fantastic choice.

Average pay: $14/hr

Night Shift Security Guard

Work secluded from people in the quiet hours of the evening as a night shift security guard. Protect businesses from loss and damages by monitoring facilities and maintaining proper surveillance. This is an appealing option for the introverted night-owls who like to have a bit of thrill in their job.

Average pay: $12/hr

Student Research Assistant

Want an academia job relevant to your college major? Become a research assistant! Student research assistants work one-on-one with industry professionals. They help design research projects, conduct tests and trials, analyze data, and assist in the research publication process. Critical thinkers with great communication skills make fantastic candidates for these positions. Introverts can especially excel as research assistants. Good research is done by people who know how to stop, listen, and observe information—skills that many introverts have naturally developed on their own.

Average pay: $14/hr

Warehouse Associate

Contrary to popular belief, not all retail jobs require constant customer service interaction. Warehouse associates work away from the large crowds. Their duties include stocking material, organizing items, and packaging orders. A job as a warehouse associate is a great fit if you enjoy manual labor and staying away from busy crowds.

Oh, and did we mention that warehouse associates can get forklift certified? Your friends will be so impressed.

Average Pay: $15/hr


Have a knack for finances? Bookkeeping might be the right job for you! Bookkeepers are responsible for maintaining the records of a company’s financial transactions. Other responsibilities include producing financial reports and processing payments. Bookkeepers need to focus on the smallest details to ensure accuracy of records. Consequently, they work in quiet environments free from the distractions of others—making the job a great match for introverts who enjoy their alone time.

Average pay: $18/hr

Data Entry Clerk

For introverts who love routine work, a job as a data entry clerk makes a fantastic option. This position has the role of inputting and updating company data in computer systems. Data entry clerks spend much of their time compiling data for practical use by the company. Applicants have an edge in the hiring process if they have working knowledge of Microsoft Office and similar computer software.

Average Pay: $15/hr

Pet Sitter

You might not be a people person, but are you an animal lover? If that’s the case, you’d love a job as a pet sitter! Work one-on-one with pets to maintain their health and promote their well-being. Apps like Rover and Host a Pet have made it even easier for introverts to connect with pet owners for work.

Average pay: $12/hr

IT Support Specialist

One job that attracts young adults is a position as an IT support specialist. IT support specialists work with the computer and technology systems within a company. They help resolve tech issues, conduct maintenance on computer systems, and occasionally provide tech support to customers and fellow company employees. IT jobs make great jobs for introverts; people within these positions tend to work with computers more often than interacting with people. Many companies have an option where tech support is given over messaging chats, meaning some IT workers don’t even have to worry about making phone calls with customers. You’ll definitely want to look into this job if you’re introverted, tech savvy, and ready to make good money!

Average Pay: $22/hr

Social Media Assistant

Description: If you’re invested in the latest pop culture trends, then you’ll love a job as a social media assistant. Social media assistants help companies establish and maintain their brand presence online. Their tasks include brainstorming campaigns, scheduling posts, and analyzing website analytics. This is a great job for introverts who like to be creative but want to stay behind the scenes. Additionally, the flexibility of the position allows many social media assistants to work virtually from the calming environment of their own homes.

Average Pay: $16/hr

Think a social media and digital marketing job will meet your introverted needs? Click here for great resources to get you started in your career.


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