You know you’re an ENFP (stands for Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Prospecting; also known as the “Campaigner” personality type) boss babe. You enjoy harnessing your people skills, communication savvy, and overall hype to bless the world. You find deep meaning in everything and enjoy communicating that meaning to others. You sparkle when you can win others to a cause. However, there are some jobs that will kill your free spirit and send your initiative spiraling down the drain like gross blue toilet cleaner. We don’t want that, so let’s talk shop on the 10 jobs you should avoid if you are an ENFP on the Meyers-Briggs Personality test.

#1 Line Worker

ENFP types are all about that creative process and interacting with people. They also are fiercely independent and HATE micromanagement. So, standing in a line under constant supervision, doing mundane tasks isn’t gonna fly.

#2 Counselor

ENFPs love sharing the fun things in life with their friends and family members. They also have excellent communication skills and enjoy cultivating relationships. However, people with this personality type are also highly emotional and invest 110 percent in everything they do. As a result, though ENFP personality types may thrive as counselors, they may also find the job to be too emotionally draining, especially because they often commit to too much and have trouble establishing boundaries on their time and energy.

#3 Administrative Assistant

Give an ENFP a whiteboard and he or she will give you a brand-new vision for your company. Give them your data and they will package and present it in ways that will dazzle you. But ENFPs need that creative freedom, that ability to start with a blank canvas and unleash their imaginative spirit. They thrive with general outlines and big visions, not with details. So, in a position where they are called upon to manage events and schedules down to the last detail, they will not be happy. They will probably just get distracted dancing to their jams and talking to every random visitor who stops by.

#4 Custodian

ENFPs believe that nothing happens by accident. They seek deep meaning in everyday situations, and it is important to them to feel like the work they are doing is making an impact for someone else. In a custodial role, or in other roles in which what they do is more behind-the-scenes, they may lose steam and feel like what they’re doing isn’t important, even if it actually is.

#5 Military

The rigorous routines of the military are no place for an ENFP. ENFPs are highly emotional and easily overstressed, which are both a recipe for disaster in the highly regimented military atmosphere. ENFPs do better with less structure, not more.

#6 Freelancer

This is a toss-up. ENFPs have creative vision and drive, but where they excel in getting projects off the ground, they often struggle with the everyday grind to see them through. If you are an ENFP pursuing an independent project, make sure you have constant accountability and someone who can help you push through the daily tasks, or this job could turn out to be a yuck for you. This job could also be problematic because freelancing requires extensive time spent alone.

#7 Lawyer

People with the ENFP personality type enjoy winning people over. However, the extensive time in solitary confinement reading case law is not every ENFP’s cup of tea. If you are an ENFP, you may enjoy a job more where you are interacting with larger groups of people on a regular basis, rather than sitting in an office dusting off legal history.

#8 Data Analyst

The ENFP personality type is someone who enjoys finding meaning and expressing that meaning to others, but mundane tasks like data analysis will bore them. If you are an ENFP, offer to present findings in engaging ways for your company…not to be the one collecting and organizing the information. If you get stuck behind a desk all day with the data, your job will end up being yuck.

#9 Surgeon

ENFPs add drama and spice to life, but they probably shouldn’t be in an operating room where patient’s lives depend on them being level-headed. ENFPs have many strengths, but they may not have the practical organization skills or attention to detail required of a surgeon or EMT. While ENFPs have spirit and drive, they might feel overwhelmed in such a high-pressure environment…or not take it seriously enough.

#10 Elementary School Teaching

Yes, teaching might seem like the ideal career for someone with an ENFP personality type, but things aren’t always as they appear. As one author has noted, ENFP personality types excel in influence and love the idea of influencing students. However, the bureaucracy, administrative work, and regimented guidelines may be too much for an ENFP’s free spirit. The behind-the-scenes content creation and material gathering may burden someone who isn’t as detail-oriented. To be frank, ENFPs may not find hype in cutting out hundreds of mini paper clocks to help students learn how to tell time. They would, however, be great guest lecturers or presenters. An ENFP may be an ideal teacher assistant or PTA volunteer who could brainstorm creative activities but not be tied down to the administrative duties.

Inspire Your Inner Campaigner

Now you know what jobs you want to avoid as an ENFP. But what about jobs you want to pursue?

People with the ENFP personality type thrive in jobs where they can take creative leadership. Brand management in digital marketing is one possible avenue to let your inner ENFP shine. Click here to see where a career in digital marketing could take your ENFP.


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